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Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc.

At Advanced Skin and Hair, we are committed to providing our customers with the most effective natural solutions for hair and skin issues.

Revivogen was the first product developed by Advanced Skin and Hair Inc. Revivogen contains natural anti-DHT ingredients, to address hair loss and thinning hair in men and women. Dr. Khadavi also realized that DHT was also the root cause of acne acne and shortly after, set his sights on creating a safe and effective acne solution. He created Clearogen: a three-step acne treatment that targets DHT production within the skin, to effectively clear existing acne and prevent future breakouts.  Dr. Khadavi has also created an innovative and effective anti-aging line developed to meet the real needs that Dr. Khadavi sees in his practice every day from every walk of life. RejuveMD contains bio-identical growth hormones, that help communicate the message for the skin to develop collagen.

About Dr. Khadavi

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Alex Khadavi, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
Creator of Clearogen

“I developed Clearogen after becoming frustrated with the existing acne treatments that only addressed the symptoms of acne rather than its root cause, DHT”.
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