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Prevent Halloween Makeup Acne

halloween makeup
As you plan your epic costume for one of the most festive holidays of the year, did you take into consideration the possible breakouts from Halloween makeup? This week’s blog focuses on how to avoid an acne flare-up due to certain types of costume makeup, and what you can do to still be the most eye-catching attendee at the party.
We have the tips you need to ensure your skin stays crystal clear post Halloween makeup so that your costume can be the breakout star, not your impending breakouts!

  1. Avoid costume shop makeup. Most of the makeup found in Halloween stores have not been put through the stringent testing, like most makeup, and can be acne-causing products. They also contain artificial colors, fragrances, waxes and oils, which can cause severe skin reactions and block pores.
    Photo courtesy of WalMart Photo courtesy of WalMart
  2. Opt for “Theatrical” makeup vs. Halloween makeup. Use makeup that is designed specifically for costumes and is gentler on the skin. Theatrical makeup usually includes FDA-approved ingredients. Halloween makeup, on the other hand, often includes elements that can be harmful to your skin and irritate the nostrils and around the eyes.
    Photo courtesy of TheaterBHS Photo courtesy of TheaterBHS
  3. No matter what, take your makeup off before bed. You may be exhausted, you may have had one too many cocktails, but it is important to get that pore-clogging makeup off your face as soon as possible.
    Photo courtesy of WomenTips Photo courtesy of WomenTips
  4. Get your skin ready, starting now. If you plan on using a thicker makeup or costume grade products, start pampering your skin now with acne-fighting products like Clearogen, available at Sephora.com
  5. Prep your face before applying makeup. Use a moisturizer on your entire face and neck to protect it against any harmful ingredients that may cause a breakout. It will also ensure your makeup lasts and looks fresh all night, without cracking or flaking off.
Remember, treat – don’t trick- your skin this Halloween. If you are one of the millions of people who currently suffer from acne, we would love to help you. Please visit our website for more information and testimonials!